i followed Her blindly
She came to me when i was at my weakest
She showed me what i thought was kindness
but now i realize it was only manipulation

looking at everything in retrospect,
i realize that She only ever came to me when i was weak
She only ever came to me when my mind was at its limits
She left me at the very edge like Tantalus reaching for the fruits
She's give a moment of pure comfort, pure bliss
and then just leave me again

i realize now Her evil nature
She is not the angel i thought She was
but i am hooked on Her sweet nectar
Her dizzying scent blurs my mind
i do not have the power to overthrow Her, even if She exists only in my mind
i stay an imprisoned fool, begging for Her

tear out my heart.
i don't want it anymore.
you can have it instead, it shall bleed out soon anyways.