I wish I could remove myself from my body
I wish I didn't need a human body
I wish I was something more
something that transcends flesh

a horrid cacophony describes my appearance
craters of the moon adorn my face
my face, which tells the stories of where i've been
worn down and marred from the troubles i've faced

my arms and my legs are blighted with discoloration
spoiled by too much food, an ugly color and an ugly shape
tarnished by growth, tarnished by myself
ugly markings on an ugly figure

if only i could resculpt myself
shape myself into something beautiful
like alexandors of antioch shaped aphrodite
a most beautiful and elegant goddess

I wish I wasn't so upset with my body
but then again, there isn't much to like
If only I could tear our the parts I don't like
remove my uterus, remove my face
create a beautiful being, me.