how much longer must i remain
in this frozen hell
my body and mind have frozen over
ice cages me indefinitely

this world is so cold
i do not wish to remain in it
but Her wrathful power scares me into submission
and Her sweet lullabies lull me to steep

i no longer know who i am
my entire existence depends on her
i have sacrificed my identity
so that i could become one of Hers

a foolish decision
i now no longer exist
but this is what i wanted
to waste away in a world where nobody would miss me

wouldn’t it be nice
to be able to disappear at a moment’s glance
and nobody would blink, nobody would mourn
and you could shift in and out of existence at will

unfortunately, such a blessing does not exist
and i am stuck with my feet on the ground
my wings clipped behind my back
doomed to the earth, doomed as a human