17 April 2021

Every day is the same. Each and every day we slave away in desks and factories, all for the forsaken coin. Every day we break mind and body for materialistic gain. While we humans are so impassioned with our fleeting yet potent emotions, such a vicious and conformist world has turned us once-restless and once-exhilarating humans into emotionless, passionless machines.

We have lost ourselves, focusing too much on material items. Nothing can take our attention away from wealth. Even when natural disasters, pandemics, and violence strike us, we recover and go right back to working our machines. Materialism has tightened its hold around our necks, strangling us and wriggling us until our bodies can do no more. We work until we die.

We work so hard and yet nothing we accomplish in our lives will last forever. All we work for, all the money we gain, all the power we achieve - it is all worthless. We cannot bring our wealth to the grave, and everything we do will be eventually washed away by the waves of time. Buried under stretching dunes of sand, decaying and eroding until nothing is left. Legacies are pointless.

When faced with such realites, what do we do? What can we even do? As a singular human being, how much could you really change the world? You cannot change the world, you can only exist within it. So what will you do? Will you walk down the conformist path, lead a simple life, work until your dead? Perhaps a life like that doesn't seem so bad. Simply work a certain amount each day, earn your money, and live. If only work wasn't such a boring endeavor, perhaps life could be enjoyable.

It is interesting the way people interpret human worthlessness. In such an infinite universe, we are so infinitesimal. Many react to this with abject horror. Having a existential crisis, they are unable to cope and find meaning in their life. Some decide that since all we do is worthless, we might as well do everything. If what we do has no real meaning, then shouldn't we do what we find enjoyable? Go on vacation, buy that object, eat that food, indulge yourself - it doesn't matter anyways since we all will be forgotten. Find the meaning in life yourself, and live for that.

The paths we take in life are blurred, yet we cannot turn back and we must continue to walk forward.