About Rykwah

Rykwah is the creator of the Rykwah Project. Based on a haunted and horrid mind, Rykwah uses multiple mediums to tell a long, complex, and labyrinthe story. Rykwah lives in the mythical Ochiru Yuki, a world where the beautiful cherry blossoms are ever-blooming and the serene snow forever falling. Kept under the watchful eyes of their Goddess, Rykwah resides in this snowy safe haven. Perfect, peaceful, and protected.

Started in November of 2018, the Rykwah project currently spans several games, albums, servers, and a website. The project started with the Ochiru Yuki game and expanded into a pentalogy game series with several paths and branches. In early November of 2019, the Tainted Flowers discord server was created as a communication medium between Rykwah and followers. Bored and wanting to expand into different storytelling mediums, the Rykwah neocities website was created October 16, 2020 as both a personal and lore-based website. In late December of 2020, Rykwah began uploading to the Rykwah youtube channel, which is used for mainly uploading albums and JNAF content.

Their games are symbolic and cryptic, taking inspiration from surrealist art. In conjunction with the typically bizarre and illogical nature of the human mind, they feature fever-dream with seizure-inducing visuals to convey the confusing, disturbed, and complex state of their psyche. Rykwah hopes to give you an experience that is calming, disturbing, enjoyful, educative, and exciting. If you wish to contact Rykwah, the easiest method is through the discord server linked above.