Dear Friends,

In November of 2018, the first game was created. What started as a singular small game grew over the next two and a half years into an enormous franchise spanning several games, albums, websites, groups, channels, and servers. Taking inspiration from surrealist art, my own experiences and struggles, and the illogical nature of the human mind, the bizarre and complex Rykwah Project was created. I poured hundreds of hours of work into my creations and was met with some of the best and worst experiences of my life.

When I first started, I had a naive and callow view. I looked onto the popular developers with childlike admiration, aspiring to one day meet them and stand on the same ranks as them. Never could I imagine that these dreams would come true and that I would meet them and gain a following myself. Never could I also imagine the ugliness of some of the people who sit on the other side of the screen. But in this letter I wish not to evaluate the hideousness of the community. Here, I want to talk about the wonderful people I’ve met and the amazing experiences I’ve had.

In this community, I’ve been a part of several groups. These groups have helped me grow immensely and have also supplied me with some of my best friends and fondest memories. From chasing people around with a bat to cyberbullying children, I’ve shared countless good memories with friends. I look at all my friends with great love and warmth. I truly thank you all for being a part of my life.

However, it is time for this era to come to an end. Thank you to everyone I’ve interacted with from this community. Thank you to everybody who has played my games, listened to my albums, scoured my website, and been a part of my discord server. I hope that you have found the Rykwah Project to be entertaining and moving. Thank you to everybody who hurt me. You made me stronger.

Finally, thank you to all the friends I’ve made. You’ve supported me through a lot and with you I feel warmth and happiness. I hope that we can stay in touch and continue to make good memories, even as I move away from the community.

With this letter, I put an end to the Rykwah Project.
18 August 2021