the reqiuem of rykwah

The requiem of rykwah is an hour-long psychological horror lofi album, the first act of a two-act collection detailing the final moments of Rykwah as the last strands of their psyche slip through their fingers. The album starts peacefully as Rykwah lives blissfully in their Goddess’s garden but gives way to disintegration and relapse as they are confronted with the future. Unable to cope, the unhealable cracks in their mind grow bigger and bigger until rational thought and being no longer exists. Meeting a dismal and somber fate, the world around them shatters as the death process begins. The second act continues the slow death of Rykwah and, in a solemn farewell, mourns their death at their requiem. The requiem of rykwah is the first rykwah album consisting of completely original non-soundtrack work. The album is rykwah's fourth album and was released April 17, 2021.

1. red poppies blooming - 00:00:00
2. transient tranquility ends - 00:05:21
3. fragile flowers wilting - 00:10:00
4. these growing pains are too much - 00:15:33
5. interlude i: a forlorn prayer - 00:20:25
6. theres nothing left in this world - 00:29:59
7. may i rest now - 00:30:28
8. this world is so cold - 00:36:39
9. a bleak future - 00:44:40
10. interlude ii: an ignored plea - 00:52:43
11. the final days - 00:54:32