disintegration of a dissonant consciousness

'disintegration of a dissonant consciousness' is the third rykwah album and is broken into two parts. the 102 minute album released January 30, 2021 is centered on the fourth installment of the pentalogy, White Willows. the album is a mixture of game soundtracks and original works. narrating the speaker's mental deterioration and breakdown inside the Willow, the first part of the album are last moments before they shatter. scared and alone, feelings of anxiety and despair slowly rise as they fear the white jackets. with the absence of their Savior and the growing echoing cries, they spiral until their eventual breakdown. the second part is the long and dreadful disintegration, the last strands of reality slipping through their fingers until they becomes an empty, desolate shell.

TNZR_Interrogation - 00:00:00
TNZR_Wistful - 00:03:50
TNZR_Tension - 00:08:50
TNZR_Desolate - 00:11:56
TNZR_Despondent - 00:14:27
TNZR_Dreamt - 00:17:27
TNZR_Haunter - 00:18:48
TNZR_Breakdown - 00:27:02

Cognitive Dissonance - 00:29:53
Learned Helplessness - 00:35:43
Conditioned Emotional Response - 00:44:35
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - 00:58:49
Depersonalization - 1:09:27
Anhedonia - 1:24:15
Derealization - 1:35:58