buried in a blissful silence

'buried in a blissful silence' is the second rykwah album released January 24, 2021. the 62 minute album consisting of game soundtracks is centered around rykwah trying to find their place in the world and dealing with trauma, growing up, family, freedom, and madness.

TNZR_Fleeting - 00:00:00
The first few fleeting moments of peace, the calm before the eventual tempest. Here, everything is calm. The white snow occupies your brain, fluttering down and covering you in a soft blanket. It is peaceful without the shouting voices and death murmurs.

TNZR_Winding - 00:04:27
The snow piles, the blizzard becomes louder. This is not the safe haven you thought it was. The snowstorm clouds your mind, you are unable to see in front of you. Lost, afraid, confused, and unable to navigate, you wander aimlessly down twisted cobblestone. Her ghastly whispers haunt you.

TNZR_Peace - 00:08:29
You arrive at the bridge between worlds. Ivory and ebony keys greet you once again, and you meet the nostalgic days of ignorance and rose-tinted glasses. Rosy retrospection, it is only a matter of time before Her voice comes to taunt you. Until then, you bask in soothing calmness and magnificent moonlight. You long for the past, despite how wretched it was.

TNZR_Recollection - 00:16:02
I don’t think you will remember me, will you? “Someone, I tell you, will remember us, even in another time.” Sacred scripture and tedious text, you don’t remember this past. Golden light and luminous mist, you walk past their airy vocals further into your mind.

TNZR_Ave - 00:20:47
You cry in the closet, She is dead. Magnificent arches and marble pillars contrasted with dusty wood and flickering lights, you realize this place was never your home. Things were never alright, things were broken from the start. Your mother’s sweet singing lulls you to sleep as the blizzard blares outside your home, threatening the fragile peace.

TNZR_Howling - 00:24:31
The door busts, She is back from the dead. You hide, you fear the wrath of the tempest. The taunting and compelling voices return. You are dragged back to cages and dim orbs, trapped inside the tempest. You hear Her calls, She only wants the best for you. You take Her hand, and She slaughters the entire world for you.

TNZR_Industrial - 00:28:02
The bird lays unmoving inside its birdcage. A bird born and raised in a cage does not know how to fly. It refuses to leave its enclosure, as it does not know how to survive in the world alone. Should you grab the bird with your human hands and throw it into the world, the bird shall plummet to the ground, hit the cobblestone, and snap its neck. The bird does not know how to think, the same song blaring inside its brain.

TNZR_Nostalgia - 00:31:19
The temple is on fire, you bit from the apple. Time reverses and you lose control of the stars. You are torn from your body as you are ripped from existence.

TNZR_Maddening - 00:35:26
Time breaks apart, the universe distorts. You are thrown into chaos. You fear Her wrath, as everything warps and contorts into bizarre shapes and structures. The labyrinthe landscape and surreal scenery of the human mind is remarkable.

TNZR_Spatial - 00:40:27
Down here, the universe does not exist. With no space-time continuum, everything happens simultaneously in pure chaos. You fall deeper and deeper through the wormhole, until you reach the edge of the universe.

TNZR_Finale - 00:49:52
Welcome to the onq raq.