maybe i was never meant to bloom

'maybe i was never meant to bloom' is the rykwah ep debut released January 22, 2021. the ep, consisting of game soundtracks, is 27 minutes long and follows the mental progression of rykwah as they realize something is very, very wrong.

TNZR_GREY - 00:00
A grey abyss, here you are left with nothing but yourself and your mind. The murky depths cloud your existence as you become a haze. Sweet infectious whispers of death grow increasingly loud.

TNZR_Mellow - 03:19
Green grass and a blue glassy sky welcome you. Are you in the past, the present, or the future? Azure waves spread infinitely and disappear beyond the horizon, the sea and sky almost indistinguishable from each other. Still vulnerable to the murder murmers, you lay down and float.

TNZR_Anger - 06:42
Something is wrong. Everything is wrong. Time decays and you are brought back to the beginning, back to ivory and ebony keys and distant fighting. No matter how long you play and no matter how loud you play, you will never be able to drown out their voices. You drown instead.

TNZR_Blind - 10:06
Sweet ignorant bliss, escape into blue screens and keyboards. Willingly caught in the web, you indulge yourself in the virtual world until the real you no longer exists. Time ticking, decaying health, it doesn't matter to you, you like being nescient. Their voices are quieter here.

TNZR_Meadow - 15:04
Yellow swirls, a rosy servant watches over you. She sings tranquility and saccharine, you’ve lost the ivory. The apostle is not your friend.

TNZR_Burning - 18:19
Burning rage once swallowed him whole. It is gone now. All that is left is misery and guilt. He longs to repair relationships, to take back words he wishes he never said, to fill the cracks with love and remission. They stay broken forever.

TNZR_Melancholy - 21:41
Guilt, too, swallows the cobblestone. She has no face, destined to an eternity in purgatory. Forever rolling stones, forever trudging up, forever serving. The piano is broken.